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Belén Cuesta will be the protagonist along with Jaime Lorente of Cristo y Rey, the series created by Daniel Écija that will revive, four decades later, the relationship of the best tamer in the world, Ángel Cristo, with the actress and muse of uncovering, Bárbara Rey , in a plot that will cover his most mediatic years.

Antena 3 today announced the start of filming by sharing the first image of its protagonists and completing the cast that will include Adriana Torrebejano, Cristobal Suárez, Artur Busquets, José Milán, Chema Adeva, Belén Ponce de León, Vicente Vergara, Diana Peñalver, Salomé Jiménez, David Lorente and Secun de la Rosa, among others.

Montse García and Daniel Écija are the executive producers of this new fiction from the Series Atresmedia label that promises to show us the day-to-day life of Ángel Cristo and Bárbara Rey and how they marked the media agenda of Spanish society during the last decades of the 20th century. Every step they took was news. Together they formed the most popular couple of the moment, after a fleeting courtship that in a few weeks materialized in a marriage full of lights and shadows.

“Madrid, 1979. Ángel Cristo is the best tamer in the world. Bárbara Rey, actress and muse of uncovering, the most desired woman in Spain,” highlights the official synopsis. “From the time they meet until they announce their marriage, only a few weeks go by. It is the wedding of the year and the news covers the covers of all the magazines. The Circus of Bárbara Rey and Ángel Cristo becomes the fashion show; a millionaire business Money, fame, luxury… Nine years of relationship in which Spain witnessed the happiness of the couple: the birth of Angelito and Sofía, the purchase of sports cars, jewelry, an ostentatious villa in La Moraleja… Far from the flashes , however, hides an escalation of drug addiction, gambling, infidelity and abuse… And, in the background, the shadow of Bárbara’s relationship with a powerful statesman”.

“It will be a fantasy. We are doing a very deep investigation, but sweetening what that reality was so that it is appealing”, the actor told us, “the vital moment in which they find themselves when they meet and what happens when they get together. There is an interesting journey there.”

Ángel is a charismatic and overwhelming man. He has the circus in his veins. And facing his beast in each function is what gives him life. A tireless worker, he has managed to become the best tamer in the world.

Bárbara Rey is a desired, media and controversial woman in the 70s and 80s, not only for being an actress and muse of uncovering, but for her airy relationships with important men of culture, politics and sports with whom she has felt used.

When she meets Ángel Cristo, she finds a sincere love. As much as to abandon her career and be able to fulfill her greatest dream: to be a mother. Nine years of marriage in which Spain is witness to her happiness. Far from the flashes, however, she suffers from a hell of mistreatment and abuse.

Cristo y Rey will be the new original series from Atresmedia TV for prime time on Antena 3 and will also be available on ATRESplayer PREMIUM. It is an Atresmedia TV production in collaboration with Good Mood. It is currently still in the casting phase and will begin recording in the coming months.

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What a bombshell we bring you. Eye to the data. The popular Spanish actor Jaime Lorente will be one of the participants in La Velada del Año 2 de Ibai Llanos, as several sources close to the actor’s environment have confirmed to GUILTYBIT. Lorente, whose fame skyrocketed after playing Denver in the Netflix series La Casa de Papel, is already training at a specialized boxing gym in preparation for the streamer’s event.

The actor ran as a candidate when the streamer announced the new edition of the event. He was a brief tweet, but it ended up leading to a response from Ibai that Lorente himself later replied: “Candidacy officially presented”. A month later, the news becomes official.

The actor would be under the command of coach Tinín Rodríguez, known for training Christian Vidal, alias Torete in the world of the Internet. Torete was one of the participants in the first La Velada del Año that took place in 2021. It should be noted that Tinín Rodríguez is the coach of a magnificent litter of Spanish boxers such as Kiko Martínez, recently crowned world champion; Ángel Moreno, who has disputed two EBU titles and a world championship; or Sergio ‘Maravilla’ Martínez, former world champion on multiple occasions.

The actor, who in addition to La Casa de Papel has also participated in other series such as El Cid or Elite, is preparing his fight against a rival not yet announced. Ibai plans to announce the full list of participants for the event this Sunday, February 20. In this year’s edition there will be five fights, so the list will be 10 participants if there are no surprises.

Asked by GUILTYBIT, the Ibai environment did not want to make any statement regarding Lorente’s participation in the event.

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Atresmedia puts a face to its fictional Ángel Cristo. Jaime Lorente, just out of La Casa de Papel, will give life to the famous tamer in Cristo y Rey, the fiction that Antena 3 prepares based on the relationship he had with Bárbara Rey during the eighties, according to what has been seen by Tele.

This is a new television credit for the actor, who has been chosen to head Daniel Écija’s next project. In the absence of closing the last fringes, Lorente will put herself in the shoes of a character who marked the media agenda of Spanish society during the last decades of the 20th century and who formed, together with the actress and star, a couple that did not cease to be neither one day in the fore.

What’s new about Daniel Écija at Atresmedia
Now, he is leading this new project created by the prolific Daniel Écija for Atresmedia after La Valla y Deudas, the latter premiered on Atresplayer Premium in January. The producer and scriptwriter, currently also behind La Noche D on TVE, will be executive producer along with Montse García de Cristo y Rey. The series, focused on one of the most famous couples in Spanish society at the end of the century, is launched at a time of growing interest around Bárbara Rey, following recent information about her relationship with King Emeritus Juan Carlos I.

David Molina Encinas, regular director of Écija productions, will be the director responsible for the series, which will be broadcast in prime time on Antena 3, in addition to being available on ATRESplayer Premium. The scriptwriting team is made up of Écija himself together with the script coordinator Andrés Martín Soto (Estoy vivo), Patricia Trueba (B&b: de boca en boca, Caronte), César Mendizábal and Ángel Gasco-Coloma.

Regarding other key positions, Salvador Gómez stands out as Director of Production, Ana Sainz-Trápaga and Patricia Álvarez de Miranda as Casting managers. Koldo Vallés, in the art direction, Tommie Ferreras as director of photography and Loles García in costume design. Cristo y Rey is a Good Mood production for Atresmedia.

Synopsis of Cristo y Rey

Madrid, 1979. Ángel Cristo is the best tamer in the world. Bárbara Rey, actress and muse of uncovering, the most desired woman in Spain. From the time they meet until they announce their marriage, only a few weeks pass. It is the wedding of the year and the news is on the covers of all the magazines. The Bárbara Rey and Ángel Cristo Circus becomes the fashion show; a millionaire business.

Money, fame, luxury… Nine years of relationship in which Spain witnessed the happiness of the couple: the birth of Angelito and Sofía, the purchase of sports cars, jewelry, an ostentatious villa in La Moraleja… Far from the flashes, however, there is an escalation of drug addiction, gambling, infidelity and mistreatment… And, in the background, the shadow of Barbara’s relationship with a powerful statesman.

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The production will look for extras for the scenes that are recorded in the country.

The 42 Segundos feature film, directed by Dani de la Orden (known for being the director of El Mejor Verano de mi Vida) and Alex Murull, will start shooting in October and November for six weeks, two of which will be will be held in areas of the Principality.

The film is based on the real story of the Spanish water polo team at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, when the team of Manel Estiarte and Pedro Aguado had all the numbers to end up winning, but in at the last moment they ended up losing the title.

As for the cast, Jaime Lorente, best known for playing the character of El Cid and Denver in La Casa de Papel, will play Pedro Aguado; Álvaro Cervantes will be the actor who will put himself in the shoes of Manel Estiarte. In addition, the presence of Roger Casamajor and Elisabet Terri in the cast has also been confirmed.
Among the possible Andorran locations that are being negotiated for filming are currently planned to record the Pas de la Casa sports center, the Palau de Gel swimming pool, a residence located in Arinsal, a hotel in Ordino and outdoor spaces in the Coll de la Botella and Arinsal roads. In this sense, the production will be complemented by a production team and technicians from the country, and will also look for extras to participate in the sequences that will be shot in the Principality.

The feature film is an official Hispano-Andorran co-production in which the producer of Imminent Producciones participates, who worked on the feature films of Nick, 73, Caribe, and Todo Incluido; Nadie es Perfecto that made El Bar, Perfectos Desconocidos and La Influencia; Sábado Películas that produced La Llamada, Loco por ella and Barcelona, ​​nit d’hivern; and Playtime Movies of El Cadaver by Anna Fritz and Barcelona, nit d’estiu. In the same vein, they will also have the support of the Government, which awarded the Andorran producer the latest special subsidy for cinema, and also with the participation of the ICEC, Televisión Española (TVE) and Amazon Studios with distribution from Universal Pictures.

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Jaime Lorente is firmly committed to his musical career with a collection of songs in which he will discover his night owl side and which we will soon be able to enjoy live. The popular actor (15 million followers on Instagram), star of series such as La Casa de Papel, Elite or El Cid, has already revealed the first preview of what will be his debut EP: “La noche”.

Jaime’s interest in music comes from a very young age, listener to rap and urban music, and his friendship with producer Pablo Gareta (Natos y Waor, Toteking, …) with whom he has formed a great team, has been the trigger for the beginning of this project. “La noche” will show through five themes that nocturnal and dark part that we all have inside, which perhaps is difficult to recognize, but without which we could not also enjoy the days and the light.

This is only the first stage of a musical journey that will pass through different states of mind between hip hop, electronic and pop, and in which Jaime Lorente will have first-rate collaborators.

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Jaime Lorente is going to be a father for the first time. It is announced by the magazine ¡HOLA! while the networks are filled with excitement for the premiere of La Casa de Papel. This news overshadows everything else: María Pedraza’s ex, who gained popularity in Elite, gave life to El Cid and during the pandemic he embarked on a musical career, he is about to debut in a new facet: that of the head of the family. The news comes nine months after publicly announcing his breakup. Jaime Lorente would have found stability with his new partner, who also works on the series that catapulted him to stardom and has returned to the screens this Friday. We still do not know his name or his face, but we do know that he is part of the wardrobe department at La Casa de Papel. […] According to the magazine, it is expected that his first daughter will be born in November, whom they will call Amaia. The two of them would be very excited about the news.

Lorente has always been a very babysitter: he considers himself a very familiar boy and adores his parents, his brothers and especially his nephews, who often appear on his social networks. However, with the private nature of him, the news that reveals ¡HOLA! has not yet been announced in the first person on the Instagram account in which she shares some aspects of her life, but she prefers not to immerse herself too much (“For my mental health, my personal life and that of my partner, who also has no need to I receive according to what things”, he said some time ago. “I think I don’t even have the application installed on my mobile. When I have to do something important, I do it. And little else”). We know that his partner has become his new refuge, with who he “sleeps his sorrows” and also hopes for the greatest joys.

Although he keeps his feet on the ground, at 29 years old, the Murcian artist is on the crest of the wave. Trained in the theater, avid reader and lover of the dramatic art, his career as an actor has been successfully built before an audience that loves the touch of ‘bad boy’ that, like a Spanish John Travolta, Lorente takes in all the roles. He is also a poet and dares to rap, a second love that he talked about at length in Tendencias. He has released several songs: Corazón, Acércate and Romance (El Cid) with Natos and Deva, followed by the recent Mirando al Sol, released in April 2021.

This new personal moment has to be thanked, like so many other things, to the series that has put him on the map and that, also, has marked the course of his personal life: La Casa de Papel. Although he feels grateful, it is something that he takes with reservations, as he reflected in this interview with Playz: “Clearly the positive is that it positions you, puts you on the map and makes the world know you and be recognized. Then, subordinate your life also to that exhibition”.

We wondered what the next surprise Lorente would give us, who we know as an actor, model, musician, dancer and poet. Soon, little Amaia’s father will become part of the list.

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Jaime Lorente will represent Lorca in Un Poeta en Nueva York and we give you all the details.

In 1929, Federico García Lorca lived in New York, specifically as a student at Columbia University, that phase of his life was captured in a book where he uncovers the city and injustice, dehumanization, which he feels is taking over society because it is present in a of the coldest metropolises in the world. Lorca’s book seems like a cry of warning to humanity in defense of art, beauty, life and the human, and Jorge Naranjo tries to reflect this in his work Un Poeta en Nueva York, where we will have Jaime Lorente, Denver in La Casa de Papel, representing one of the most present poets, always alive in artistic movements, in defense of freedom and justice throughout the world: Federico García Lorca.

If we analyze it, it was difficult to find a more suitable actor for this role than Jaime Lorente, in La Casa de Papel and El Cid, with two different historical and personal approaches, represents a cry of rebellion and resistance, defense of the weakest and almost always having to fight against greater forces. In the case of Un Poeta en Nueva York, the major force against which he fights is cultural, moral, social, imposed on society and against which Lorca fights like Quijote, armed with his pen and his social conscience.

Jorge Naranjo’s work was selected for the Film Academy Residences, a project that helps finance audiovisual projects and contributes to the training of rising filmmakers.

Great challenges await Jorge Naranjo and Jaime Lorente for the recording of this series of six episodes. Federico García Lorca was a free soul, a poet who played the piano and drew attention wherever he came, his presence was similar to that of a rock artist many years later and this is also tried to be captured clearly in the series. On the other hand, the sensitive side of him was opened to the public during his stay in New York. It was in those years when he wrote “El Público”, a theatrical piece where he expresses the theme of homosexuality, in years where he moves between Havana and New York.

In addition to this, the New York of the time must be recreated, something decisive to understand the poet’s air, his uneasiness when noticing the way of life and thought in that great city, a challenge for which we know that Jaime Lorente is prepared and Jorge Naranjo more than inspired. Everything goes in homage to the memory of a great like Lorca.

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Filming begins on Tin & Tina, the world premiere of Rubin Stein’s feature film with which he will adapt his acclaimed short Tin & Tina (2013), nominated for the Golden Méliès for the best European fantastic short film and winner of more than thirty awards international.

The film will present us with a psychological horror story in which two orphaned twin brothers, raised in a strict convent, are adopted by a young couple.

“It is, at its core, a mystery movie,” Stein remarks. And there is nothing more mysterious than the mind of a child. Children live in their own real world with their own rules and beliefs. Trying to understand their actions and intentions can be very difficult at times. For this reason, I have always loved movies about enigmatic children. My goal as a director is that the viewer, when leaving the cinema, has the feeling of having experienced an original, unique, sometimes funny and sometimes terrifying journey to a Spain of the past that reverberates in the present through childhood, the family, religion and the limits of good and evil”.

Milena Smit (No Matarás, Madres paralelas) and Jaime Lorente (La Casa de Papel, El Cid) will be the protagonists of a story that also includes Carlos González Morollón (Padre no hay más que uno) and Anastasia Achikhmina (El Ministerio del Tiempo). In addition, it has the special collaboration of Teresa Rabal.

“I have seldom enjoyed the screenwriting process and film development as much as I did with Tin & Tina.And this has not been accidental. Everything is the work of Rubin”, says the producer, Olmo Figueredo. “He has an innate ability to make you feel that you are a real part of the project, that you contribute at all levels, but at the same time he always manages to take it to a personal level and consistent with his style. I think that is the reason that he has made names of the stature of Milena Smit and Jaime Lorente join the project. I have no doubt that the film is going to surprise a lot and that the name of Rubin Stein is going to sound a lot (and for the better) in the coming years”.

Stein, whom Variety magazine defined as “one of the 10 emerging Spanish filmmakers to follow closely”, will thus bring to theaters the first story of his trilogy of black and white suspense shorts Luz & Oscuridad, which continued with Nerón (2016) and Bailaora (2018).

With seven weeks of filming ahead in Seville, Tin & Tina is a production by Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo for La Claqueta PC and Tin & Tina La Pelicula AIE, in co-production with Miami Film Gate, with executive production by Paola Sainz de Baranda, with the participation of Canal Sur Radio and Television, with the support of ICAA and the Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions and with the collaboration of Latido Films. Filmax will distribute the film nationally.

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The elegant and unique character of G’Vine aligns with the rebellious creativity of Jaime Lorente in an unprecedented collaboration. G’Vine pays tribute to his nature with its new campaign The Art of Living, which for the first time shows Jaime Lorente in his most personal creative side as the new brand ambassador for French gin.

July 2021 – G’Vine together with Jaime Lorente challenges us in an innovative and rogue way to discover L’art de vivre, implicit in the brand’s DNA. The campaign is a tribute to life, an opportunity to learn to enjoy each moment and create new memories by experiencing experiences every day as if it were the first time. In this campaign, G’Vine addresses all those restless people who are not satisfied with what they have, those who want to go further, surpassing their own limits, risking living and drinking life in sips. In this most provocative and unapologetic expression of the brand, G’Vine challenges us to laugh out loud, to beat and experiment, enjoy, feel and live.

Jaime Lorente, with a spectacular international career behind him in successful series such as El Cid, La Casa de Papel or Elite, has also explored different creative disciplines such as writing, with the publication of his first book “A purpose of your mouth” , or his recent foray into the musical world. This inexhaustible source of creativity and the search for new goals, perfectly reflects the brand values ​​in this new campaign. The savoir faire of this historic Maison and its search for excellence is combined with the more daring and urban character of Jaime Lorente to show the most inspiring side of ‘The Art of Living’.

The filming of the campaign was carried out in Le Tavernier, a new enclave of dreams located on the roof of the INNSiDE by Meliá hotel in the middle of Gran Vía street in Madrid. A true oasis of 500 square meters that invites in an inspiring way to toast and share.

Ricard Abadias, Marketing Director ICON Spirits (distributor of the brand) points out: “This campaign is an Ode to life, a reminder, after the difficult situation that we have all experienced in recent months, of the pleasures of life, of how squeeze every second, and who better to convey this message than Jaime Lorente and his ‘Art of Living’. G’Vine and Jaime represent the perfect union between an unconventional character, and at the same time extremely elegant “.

G’Vine is the definition of a quality gin, unique and original, which owes its character to its own exceptional nature. This grape-based gin that is made in France broke with all the regulations established in the sector, including for the first time the grape flower as a base for its elaboration. With G’Vine there are no limits when creating, its extraordinary nature conquers by its avant-garde, audacious and original character. In this search for uniqueness comes this extraordinary collaboration that perpetuates their rebellious spirit and ushers in a new chapter in the history of the brand.

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First guest announced for the 60th edition of the Monte Carlo Television Festival, Jaime Lorente will walk the red carpet of the Grimaldi Forum and present his El Cid series.

After a blank year 2020 for the Monte Carlo Television Festival due to the global pandemic, the meeting point for series fans is well maintained for this summer. Stars and spectators are therefore expected at the Grimaldi Forum from June 18 to 22 for a 60th edition that promises to be a bit special. And less than two months before the event, the organizers are starting to unveil the guest list.

Among them, Jaime Lorente who will come to talk about his historic series El Cid, a Spanish Game of Thrones whose season 2 will be available very soon on Prime Video. The actor is best known for his role as Denver in La Casa de Papel, to which he will bid farewell in Season 5.

Will fans wear Dali’s famous mask to welcome him to the principality? We could also see Jaime Lorente in the Caliente Elite series, again for the Netflix streaming platform.

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