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The directors want to reflect the “change” of the city in the film.

Film directors Dani de la Orden and Álex Murrull shoot their new film 42 Segundos in Barcelona and Andorra, which portrays the trajectory of the 1992 Spanish Olympic water polo team, their time at the Barcelona Olympic Games and the personal history of its two of its main figures, Manel Estiarte and Pedro García Aguado.

For the actor Jaime Lorente, who plays Pedro García Aguado, it was a “gift” to shoot this film and this Thursday he highlighted to Europa Press that both Aguado and Manel Estiarte have been very close to the project.

“They have been very generous”, highlighted the actor and interpreter of Estiarte in the film, Álvaro Cervantes, who has recognized that embodying a real character implies, in his words, a lot of respect for his figure and his life.

De La Orden explained that the two ex-athletes have been involved in the filming and thanked them for their understanding “for the sake of fiction”, as it is not a documentary, although he has assured that the essence of the film is the same as in the original story.

Lorente has said that water polo is the “most difficult sport to represent” in fiction because there is no way to lie, he considers it to be very complicated and, furthermore, he has stressed that it is a very unknown discipline.

For his part, Cervantes has stressed that it has been “hard” to prepare for this film by starting a sport like water polo from scratch, and has joked that now that the film is finished they are considering joining a team.

“The vehicle is sports but what we want to tell is something that goes beyond. It is a story of personal improvement”, Murrull has stressed to Europa Press about a film that will be released in summer 2022.

The film explains the history of a team “dominated” by Catalan players who, with the aim of making it more competitive, undergo a transformation process with athletes from Madrid who have a very different way of understanding sport and water polo, they have detailed.

For De La Orden, the interesting thing about the story is the connection between Estiarte and Aguado who, through “suffering and almost hatred” towards coach Dragan Matutinovic, reach an understanding that culminates in an emotional openness.

Murrull has also claimed the “desire to explain a historical milestone” such as the Barcelona Olympic Games which, 30 years after its celebration, will portray them through the characters of this selection and their conflicts.

“One of our dreams is to be able to portray the change in Barcelona”, Murrull explained about the impact of the organization of the Olympic Games in the Catalan capital and the transformation that the city underwent with its celebration.

However, he clarified that showing this change is not the intention of the film, but rather he sees it as a backdrop: “We don’t want to drown and lose focus on something that has to be in the background and accompany the film”, he has argued.

In this line, De La Orden has specified that the transformation will be seen in the “small details” of the film, such as an old clock, a Game Boy console, the way of talking about the time and the costumes, among others.

Source : europapress.es

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